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MOVING SOON!  I wanted to let you know that I’m moving my blog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org. I have wanted to give you a free e-book for a long time, and this makes it so easy!If you signed up for my blog via email, you will automatically get my blog posts just as always. If you signed in using your WordPress account, you will have to re-sign up to continue reading my weekly posts. I really hope you will consider doing that. I would surely miss you if you didn’t!Pot of Gold And just to sweeten the pot, I have written a free small e-book called “Becoming What You Might Have Been,” that you can download from the site. I’ll be changing my blog name to the same title as well.The domain name remains http://www.lindalochridge.com. You can still read all past posts on the new site.  See you “over there at the end of the week!”

All the best ~ Linda Lochridge